Would you like to inspire the children you teach with the joy and delight of stories by bringing an author or illustrator into your school or nursery?

We work closely with nearly all of the Children’s publishers in the UK and are often offered school visits and author tours by different authors and illustrators at no cost to the school.

All you need to do is get in touch with us to register your interest. We will ask you to provide a Link Person in your school or nursery so we are liaising with one person. When opportunities arise, we will get in touch with your school!

In the meantime, we are sharing some inspirational videos below from some top authors, illustrators and storytellers, along with a written Learning Resources pack. All of these videos and resources are free for you to use in your school.

Storyboarding with illustrator Tor Freeman

Learn how to plot stories with illustrator Tor Freeman - then make your own cartoons! Tor's worksheet can be found in the downloadable Learning Resources Pack. Don't forget to have a pen, paper and scissors ready so you can join in!

Story Clues with Lucy Walters

Lucy Walters is a TV presenter and professional storyteller. Use the clues to work out a famous story and pick up some top tips about creating characters. Suitable for Years 1 and 2.

Rumble with the Romans and cartoonist Gary Northfield

Celebrate World Book Day with this caper through Roman times. Join Julius Zebra and his animal friends who have been taken captive to entertain audiences in the Coliseum, as they fight back and become celebrity gladiators themselves! Funny and enjoyable, with plenty of historical facts sprinkled in. Get your paper and pencil ready, so you can draw along and create Julius Zebra too. Gary is a cartoonist for Phoenix comics, Horrible Histories magazine and Beano - plus several books - and he's got lots of tips for making your own comics.

Fantasy Maps and Robots with Vashti Hardy

Create fantasy maps, adventurous quests, and dream up your perfect robot pet! Vashti Hardy - who wrote WildSpark, BrightStorm and the Harley Hitch books - has 5 tips for all young storymakers in this interactive video. Don't forget to have paper and a pen ready before you start!

Poetry Masterclass with champion spoken word poet Zohab Zee Khan

What is a poem? What's it for? And can anyone write one? Champion poet Zohab was a shy boy who discovered self-expression through poetry - and he's joining BookFest for Schools to inspire kids to do the same. You'll be writing your own haikus, free verse and acrostic poems in no time!

Dinosaurs in Space! with Astrosaurs author Steve Cole

Meet the Astrosaurs, with bestselling author Steve Cole. Imagine the dinosaurs didn't die when the astroid struck....that they were far more evolved than we ever imagined and escaped to space, where the herbivores and carnivores are policed by....the Astrosaurs! A funny and entertaining show about how to think up brilliant stories. Join in the chorus of Steve's ukelele song! Don't forget to turn on the subtitles, by clicking on the white CC button.


Maximise the learning and fun pupils get from our BookFest for Schools Programme with these activities and worksheets. Created by festival director Sarah Mullen and designed in a print-friendly format by Pete Brown.

Videography and editing all by Smallfry Productions.